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Three Proofs: That God Exists, by Walt Runkis
About The Author
Walt Runkis is a God-realized scientist and inventor. He was born with a high IQ and an insatiable curiosity. His left brain delved deeply enough into the study of chemistry and physics to give him a basic understanding of how the mechanical universe works, while his right brain stretched his consciousness far enough to know that it is not a mechanical universe in which we live. He has had visions and adventures and near death experiences. He has won patents and written songs and poetry and software. He also invented a piece of the puzzle to aid the quest for a more natural (immunologically grounded) therapy for cancer.

Walt is a true Renaissance man—both a scientist and an artist. He earned his living mostly as an inventor and biomedical research scientist, and holds patents in the fields of immunochemistry, microbiology and cellular nutrition. He is presently designing and building hybrid Broadbank Over Power networks. He has also been a computer programmer, network architect, entrepreneur, musician, goldsmith, gem cutter and artist. Considering his manifold accomp-lishments, most people are surprised to discover he is a high school dropout. Walt believes that all his abilities resulted from his near death experiences and spiritual adventures. About the book, he says, "I wrote Three Proofs: That God Exists to repay part of my debt. By sharing the miracles and magic that God gave me, it might be possible to show spiritual seekers that anyone who wants it can achieve God Realization—the greatest gift of all."

The Yogi depicted on the cover is Walt as a young man. The photo was taken in Amsterdam in 1969, after he spent eight months in complete snow-bound isolation on a 6,000-foot mountain that borders the western shore of Lake Tahoe. He had two near death experiences the winter of 1968 that changed his life forever. What he learned from those and other paranormal experiences, can change your life too. Part of what is revealed in Three Proofs: That God Exists has never been committed to writing. Walt rose to the challenge of solving "The God Conundrum" by using the same problem solving skill-set he routinely uses to successfully push the envelope of science and technology.

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Art Projects:


     Digital Art

Patents Granted:

     Artificial Root System

     Human- and Animal-Free Protein A

Patents Pending:

     Cellular Nutrition

     Advanced Communications Network Technology

Science and Business Bio:

     Walt's Science and Business Site

     WiredLess Networks, Inc.

Additional Items

* Sergeant in the U.S. Marines: Forward air-attack controller ("ASRaT"): combat duty: Vietnam from 1965 to 1966.

* Goldsmith and Gem Cutter: Sculpted one-of-a-kind jewelry out of 18k gold, sterling silver and precious stones.

* Delivered a lecture series in San Francisco entitled, “Taking an Idea to the Marketplace,” and has addressed audiences as large as 300 people.

* Wrote, Produced and Directed a 60-minute video documentary/infomercial entitled, "Prize Winning Secrets of Professional Growers."
Copyright 2008, Walt Runkis, All rights reserved.