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Three Proofs: That God Exists, by Walt Runkis
    This is a factual account of miracles and magic. It uses a method called “The Three Keys,” to provide empirical proof that God exists. The Three Keys are Eastern Mysticism, Western Metaphysics, and Science.

    Miracles, by themselves, are not sufficient proof that God exists, but they can serve as elements of that proof. When Eastern Mysticism and Western Metaphysics are scientifically combined with miracles and elements from near death experiences, death-related visions, scientific accounts of reincarnation, archeological evidence, and an esoteric grasp of the arcane mysteries, “Three Empirical Proofs” shine forth.

    Three Proofs: That God Exists is a distillation of over fifty years’ experience. Part of it chronicles my own spiritual journey, but it is not really about me. It’s about miracles and magic and non-ordinary events that everyone can experience. It is my sincere hope that the body of evidence presented here will empower spiritual seekers to examine their deeply entrenched beliefs and formulate questions that are potent enough to break the bonds of dogmatic thinking, which have stunted mankind’s spiritual evolution for centuries. Three Proofs reveals secret teachings and valuable insights that aspirants can use to unearth the timeless wisdom that only direct experience can cultivate. More im-portantly, it offers serious aspirants a path to God Realization.

    Three Proofs: That God Exists was created from the perspective of a “Christian renegade,” which means I am not—in the classical sense—a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, or Jew. What I am is a God-Realized scientist and disciple of Christ. I had my first “brush with the Cosmos” in 1967, during a near death experience, when I strolled in a celestial garden of unparalleled beauty and communed with a formless Being of masculine voice. He admonished me to “Look to beauty; look to the East; and never become a part of an organized religion.” I accepted his edict. And while I am tolerably well-read regarding spiritual matters, and fortunate enough to have met some very talented spiritual teachers, my evolution was guided mostly by lessons that my personal experi-ences taught me—provided the resulting insights held up to scientific scrutiny.

    Scientifically proving that God exists is a tall order—some would say, impossible. While it is not impossible, it does demand much of the reader. Proving God exists is not a task that can be accomplished with a couple of glib sound bites. Readers will have to work a little if they truly want to “get their arms around it.” The study of God, after all, is the study of infinity.

    The Three Empirical Proofs, and their supporting data, were built brick by brick from a wide variety of eclectic sources. Three Proofs: That God Exists is not a self-contained, quick fix, self-help book. It is a carefully crafted journey that lays a foundation toward realizing your Higher Self. Its narrative style is an easy read, but don’t let that fool you. Like life, the farther you wade into it, the deeper it gets. Furthermore, what it provides between the covers is only part of its value. It is also a resource manual that opens doorways onto panoramas that beg further exploration. Most will be satiated by what is included here, while others will want to follow the pathways that lead to deeper levels of wisdom. Go where it comfortably takes you and be happy.

    Spirituality was never meant to be a spectator sport. It is, or at least it should be, a dynamic, ever-changing, intra¬personal experience in which you must totally immerse yourself to get anything worthwhile out of it. Spirituality needs to be lived—and lived passionately—not merely watched from the pews. Most of all, to stay fresh and alive, spirituality needs to be continually de-dogmatized. Albert Einstein got it right when he cautioned us that, “The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

    The miracles and magic I experienced over the course of my life have shown me that Truth can come in almost any form and be found nearly everywhere. Wisdom is not the exclusive purview of any one race, religion, culture, group, or sect. It is a living legacy shared by every being in our eleven-dimension multiverse.

Soli Deo honor et gloria
Updated: Thursday March 12, 2009
Copyright 2009, Walt Runkis, All rights reserved.